Lower your KPLC Demand Charge

How to lower KPLC Demand Charges

For most companies, a significant element on the electricity bill is the Demand Charge.

Most of these customers seek innovative solutions to reduce this cost. to avoid Maximum Demand Penalties

To succeed in this, we are presenting two new power management system to control the maximum demand: the Circutor MDC maximum demand controller MDC 4 and MDC 20.

The main objective of the new MDC series is to automatically manage and control the maximum demand of an installation. To achieve this objective, the device connects and disconnects non-critical loads to ensure that the maximum demand will never be higher than the contracted power, avoiding electricity bill surprises.

MDC-4: Analyzer to control the maximum demand level

  • Avoids maximum demand penalties
  • Avoids power peaks due to simultaneity while connecting loads
  • Helps to adjust the contracted power to the real situation
  • Manages up to 4 relay outputs
  • Built in power analyzer
  • Internal clock for power synchronization

MDC-20: Data logger to manage and control the maximum demand with integrated web server

  • Avoids maximum demand penalties
  • Manages 6 relay outputs and 8 digital inputs
  • Expandable up to 48 inputs/outputs by RS-485 communications (installing LM 4 I/O devices)
  • Connection/disconnection of loads according to programmed priority
  • Versatile maximum demand control depending on conditions, using calendars, profiles, etc.
  • Simulation of system performance according to the device’s programming
  • Sends e-mails with customized messages
  • Stores more than one year of data
  • Compatible with any XML communication master
  • Creates and registers customized variables defined by the user (EnPI, %, Kg, CO2, KES, Dollars, etc.)