Fronius online monitoring

The Austrian solar inverter manufacturer Fronius offers a sophisticated monitoring platform with real-time and historic data of power consumption of the client and solar power production. Fontana, with four flower farms in Nakuru and Timau, use the insight provided by…

1 MWp Fontana solar installation has commenced

Greenspark started the installation of in total 1 MWp of solar systems for the four Fontana farms near Njoro, Nakuru and in Timau. The installations are expected to save 30% of the KPLC electricity bills. Quality is ensured by using…

Greenspark supplies and installs a 138 kWp solar system for a rose farm

This 138 kWp system for a farm was equipped with sub-standard inverters and solar modules. Greenspark was requested to replace the underperforming inverters with Fronius high-quality inverters – with an expected lifetime of 20 years and new JASolar solar modules.

Fronius renews Greenspark Training Certificates

Greenspark’s Chief Engineer and Technical Team Leader have renewed the Fronius Training Certificates through a two-day intensive service training. These training certificates ensure optimal service levels to our customers and are crucial to retaining the Fronius Partner Plus Accreditation.

Fontana LTD Kenya invests in 1 MWp solar

We are proud that the Kenyan company Fontana LTD has chosen Greenspark (K) LTD to supply and install 1 MWp of Solar PV systems for their farms. The solar systems will significantly reduce the operational costs of running water pumps, irrigation…

Solar powered UPS supports IT project

Greenspark has commissioned a battery backup UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system for an IT project for a flower farm based on Naivasha. The highly sensitive equipment used for this project requires a conditioned and secure power source. The Victron based…

Full black solar modules blend in nicely on tiled roofs

Greenspark Netherlands has realized several residential installations utilizing full black Sunrise solar modules and Sofar Solar Inverters.

Naivasha farm expands solar from 186 to 220 kWp

The experience has been overwhelmingly positive, 100% uptime since the installation in 2018 and a coverage of 28% of the total energy consumption. As the farm expanded operations with a new cold store, it was quickly decided to expand the…

This 23 kWp system provides power to an office complex

This 23 kWp system, commissioned in 2018, reduces the KPLC power consumption for the Rapid Kate Office/Warehouse Complex along Mombasa Rd, Embakasi Nairobi. The system has been equipped with European made Fronius inverters and GCL solar modules.

Greenspark finalizes the installation of 505 kWp of solar modules

Just before the Xmas break, and in record time, Greenspark finalised the mounting of 505 kWp of solar modules for a warehouse in Ruiru. While 303 kWp is already operational, the remainder of 202 kWp will be connected to the…